Recommended Nonfiction Reading

  1. The Outline of History, H.G. Wells

  2. The Great Divorce, C.S. Lewis

  3. Sharing The Gift of Encouragement. Charles Stanley

    Understanding Eternal Security. Charles Stanley

  4. Meditations Of Marcus Aurelius. Trans. By: George Long

  5. When Man Listens, Cecil Rose

  6. How To Listen To God by Wally Paton

  7. Bias by Bernard Goldberg

  8. Alcoholics Anonymous 4th ed. by Author
  9. Novice To Master by Soko Morinaga

  10. Castle Of Shadows by A.V. (Archie) McKinnon, M.B.E., Devonshire Press, Sydney, Australia, 1971.

  11. The Noticer, by Andy Andrews, Thomas Nelson, 1959.

  12. A New Pair Of Glasses, Chuck C., New Look Publishing Co., Irvine, CA, 1984

  13. Eternal Security Can You Be Sure, Charles Stanley, Oliver Nelson Pub., Nashville, 1990.

  14. Counseling For Relapse Prevention, Gorski and Miller, 1982

  15. Growing Each Day, Rabbi Abraham Twerski M.D., 1995
  16. The Search For Serenity, Lewis F. Presnall, 1959
  17. The Sermon On The Mount, Emmet Fox, 1934, reprint 1989
  18. The Meaning Of Faith, Harry Emerson Fosdick, 1917
  19. Markings, Dag Hammarskjold, 1964
  20. Varieties Of Religious Experience, William James, 1902
  21. Have A Little Faith, Mitch Albon, 2009
  22. Stools And Bottles, Anonymous Author, 1970
  23. The Little Red Book, Anonymous Author, 1946
  24. This Is No Way To Fight The Drug War, Daniel Levine.  Readers Digest, Feb. 2000.
  25. My Utmost For His Highest, Oswald Chambers, 1935
  26. As Bill Sees It,  Bill W., 1967
  27. The God Angle, Robbie R(obinson), 1972
  28. Twenty Four Hours A Day, Richard Walker, 1954
  29. God Calling, By Two Women ed. by A.J. Russell,  Dodd, Mead and Co., 1935
  30. Celebration Of Discipline, Richard J. Foster, Harper 1978, Rev. 1988
  31. Prayer, Finding the hearts true home., Richard J. Foster, Harper Collins 1980.
  32. The Making Of A Man Of God, Studies in the life of David, Alan Redpath,  Fleming H. Revell Co., 1962
  33. Mere Christianity, C.S. Lewis, Simon and Schuster, 1952 rev.(and everything else written by C.S. Lewis.)
  34. The Enigma Of Evil, John W. Wenham, Zondervan, 1985
  35. Les Miserables, Victor Hugo, Ballantine Books 1982.
  36. How To Be Born Again, Billy Graham, Word Books, 1977.
  37. Emotional Intelligence, Daniel, Goldman, Phantom Books, 1995
  38. The Power Of Habit, Charles Duhigg, Random House, 2012
  39. Lord Of The Flies, William Golding, Pedigree Pub., 1954
  40. The Ordeal Of Change, Eric Hoffer, Harper and Rowe, 1952
  41. Lives Of A Cell, Lewis Thomas, New American Library, 1986
  42. The Youngest Science, Lewis Thomas, Viking Press, 1983
  43. The Cunning Of History, Richard L. Rubinstein, Harper and Rowe, 1975
  44. Plain Tales From The Hills, Rudyard Kipling, A.L. Burt Co., undated. (and anything else by Rudyard Kipling)
  45. The Man Who Mistook His Wife For A Hat, Oliver Sacks, Simon & Schuster, 1970
  46. Turn Your Back On The Problem, Malcolm Smith, Logos International, 1972
  47. How We Are Hungry, Dave Eggars, McSweeney’s, un-dated
  48. The Tipping Point, Malcolm Gladwell, Little, Brown and Co., 2002
  49.  Pilgrims Progress, John Bunyan, Barbour and Company, un-dated.
  50. 1984, George Orwell, Harcourt Brace & Jonovich, 1949
  51. Wicked and Son of A Witch, Gregory Maguire, Barnes & Noble 1995.  (and all the Wicked series)
  52. Tobacco Road, Erskine Caldwell, Grossett& Dunlap, New York, 1932.
  53. Timetables Of History, Bernard Grun, Touchstone Books, 3rd ed., 1975
  54. The Rubaiiyat of Omar Khayyam, trans. by Edward Fitzgerald, Barse and Hopkins, 1917.
  55. Reader’s Digest Atlas Of The World (and also a good globe of the world)
  56. Healing The Shame That Binds You, John Bradshaw, health Communications Inc., 1988.
  57. Group Dynamics.  The psychology of small group behavior., Marvin E. Shaw, McGraw Hill, 1971
  58. The Doctor And The Soul, Viktor Frankl, Vintage Books, 1973
  59. Man’s Search For Meaning, Victor E. Frankl, Simon & Schuster 1984.
  60. Please Understand Me, Kiersey & Bates, Promethesus Nemesis Book Co. 1978.
  61. Psychology Of Religion. Personalities, problems, possibilities, ed. H. Newton Maloney, Integration Press 1995.
  62. Without Conscience. The disturbing world of the pyschopaths among us., Robert D. Haire PhD.,  Guilford 1993.
  63. The Anger Workbook, Lorrainne Bilodeau, Hazelden 1992.
  64. Healing The Masculine Soul, Gordon Dalbey, Word Pub. 1988.
  65. The Family That Couldn’t Sleep, D.T. Max, Random House 2007.
  66. The Shack, William Paul Young, Windblown Media 2007.
  67. Stalking The Wild Asparagus, Euell Gibbons, David McKay Co. Inc. 1962
  68. The Journal Of The Plague, Dainiel Defoe, Oxford U. Press 1969
  69. Aesop’s Fables, Barnes & Nobles 2003.
  70. A Mathematician Reads The Paper, John Allen Paulis, Harper Collins 1995
  71. The Tipping Point. How little things can make a big difference, Malcolm Gladwell,Little, Brown & Co. 2000.
  72. The Center Of Life. A natural history of the cell., L.L. Larison Cudmore, Quadrangle Press 1977 Noble House, James Clavell, Delacort Press 1981.
  73. Ecology In Ancient Civilizations, J. Donald Hughes, University Of New Mexico Press, 1975.
  74. Exodus, Leon Uris, Doubleday and Co. 1958
  75. A  tale Of Two Cities, Charles Dickens, Signet Classics 1960
  76. Democracy In American, Alexis De Tocqueville, Alfred A. Knopf Inc. 1972.
  77. A Land Fit For Criminals, David Frasier, Book Guild Pub. 2006
  78. Early Man, F. Clark Howell, Time Life Books 1979.
  79. The Bell Curve, Hernstein & Murray, The Free Press 1994.
  80. Bury My Heart At Wounded Knee, Dee Brown, Holt, Rinehart, & Winston, 1971.
  81. The Grapes Of Wrath, John Steinbeck ( centennial edition), Penguin Books 2002.
  82. The Rise Of The Greeks, Michael Grant, Charles Scribner’s Sons Pub. 1988.
  83. The Woodwright’s Shop, Roy Underhill, UNC. Press 1981
  84. The Call Of The Wild/ The Seawolf, Jack London, Thomas Nelson, undated.
  85. American Caesar. Douglas Mac Arthur 1880-1964., William Manchester, Little, Brown & Co. 1978.


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