A New Pair Of Glasses, Chuck C., New Look Publishing Co., Irvine, CA, 1984

The author is a recovered alcoholic, who was by his own account a “tongue chewing babbling idiot”  when he was approached by Alcoholics Anonymous. He recovered and went on to design and build shopping centers in California.

His personal philosophy and actualized beliefs led to his becoming an iconic figure in Californian AA and eventually nationwide.

This book was taken from a spiritual retreat weekend which he lead.  With his talks, this book and his personal living example he has affected, for the better nearly all AA members nationwide to this day.

A couple of quotes from the book (from memory) will perhaps encourage you to give this book an opportunity to change you , whether alcoholic or not.

  • It doesn’t matter what someone else thinks about me. It matters what I think about others
  • Try to see the world with a new set of glasses.
  • We can’t hear until we can hear and we can’t see until we can see. And it doesn’t make a bit of difference who’s talking
  • We think and our selves become the thing we think about. It is axiomatic that if the only thing I pour into life is love, the only thing the law can give me back is love. Love is the fulfillment of the law.

I hope you will decide to read this book and apply its precepts to your life.  You’ll be—changed.

12 thoughts on “A New Pair Of Glasses, Chuck C., New Look Publishing Co., Irvine, CA, 1984”

  1. I was given a copy of this book (8th edition) some years ago and back cover has a price of $85. For carton of 20. Wondering if or how much it is now

    1. I would like to buy two cases of Chuck’s, “A New Pair of Glasses.” In 1981 my AA sponsor had given me a set of cassettes of the Pala Mesa Retreat. I listened to them driving to my new base in California. Great!
      I came to a meeting in Laguna Beach to meet Chuck, and told him how much I gained from them. He leaned over and said to me, “I think this is the best work I’ve ever done.” Terry

  2. The back cover of this book says:

    “A copy of this twelfth printing may be obtained by mailing a check in the sum of Five (5.00) Dollars or Seventy-six Dollars and fifty cents (76.50) for a carton of twenty-five copies to:

    New-Look Publishing Co.
    P.O. Box 17496
    Irvine, CA92623

    Is this offer still in effect? If so, I would like to order two (2) copies.

    Thank you.
    Marie Connolly

    1. I haven’t bought this book for years; because T have a copy. I suggest you check with the book publisher or Amazon. One can also go to a book store with the books International Science Book Number–ISBN and purchase your required quantity there.

      Sincerely Yours
      Carlton R. Smith

  3. Hi,
    I am manager of Central Service Office in San Antonio, TX.

    I need to order 100 copies of New Pair of Glasses

    Please send phone number or website so i can get them on order.

    1. Sir, I haven’t ordered any of these for a long time. it’s been maybe ten years since I last ordered any of these for a book study. I got them from somewhere in California. Have you tried Outback books or another site that sells recovery literature? Perhaps a call to The AA Central Office or the AA Area Assembly in California, there are two I think, maybe three, The AA central office in NY,NY can connect you with them. The author Chuck C. was from California and the book was transcribed from a weekend work shop in California. You may be able to acquire copies from Books In Print, which can, perhaps tell you the name of a publisher. If all this fails I’ll give you the publishing data from a copy in my library.

      1. Can you advise as to where I can get copies of this book. We are doing a book study and need about 30 copies.
        I am in Ontario Canada.
        Please advise
        Thanks so much

        1. Wendy, The book can be published from New-Look Publishing Company, 19600 Fairchild Irvine CA, 92715. The ISBN for the hard copy on my shelf is 0-916733-00-9. The Isbn is different for the paper copy which is cheaper than my hard copy.
          Best luck in acquiring the book(s), Please send me another comment if this is still a got outlet. You can also look it up thru your book store. It’s probably fulfilled by Ingram C.S. Author

  4. I am looking for the cost of a case of “A New Pair of Glasses”.
    Please send me the total with any shipping charges so I can send a check and PO for the order.
    Thanks you.

    1. Mr. Sanders, I don’t sell books–except my own. The publisher for A New Pair Of Glasses is in California. If you have a copy the publisher is on the title page and there is also an ISBN Number which will allow any book store to order it. The ISBN. from my copy, is 0-916733-00-9 for the hard copy. it will be different for the paper copy. The publisher for my copy is New-Look Publishing Company, 19600 Fairchild Irvine, CA 92715. Good luck and let me know if this contact is still correct. C. S. Author

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