A New Pair Of Glasses, Chuck C., New Look Publishing Co., Irvine, CA, 1984

The author is a recovered alcoholic, who was by his own account a “tongue chewing babbling idiot”  when he was approached by Alcoholics Anonymous. He recovered and went on to design and build shopping centers in California.

His personal philosophy and actualized beliefs led to his becoming an iconic figure in Californian AA and eventually nationwide.

This book was taken from a spiritual retreat weekend which he lead.  With his talks, this book and his personal living example he has affected, for the better nearly all AA members nationwide to this day.

A couple of quotes from the book (from memory) will perhaps encourage you to give this book an opportunity to change you , whether alcoholic or not.

  • It doesn’t matter what someone else thinks about me. It matters what I think about others
  • Try to see the world with a new set of glasses.
  • We can’t hear until we can hear and we can’t see until we can see. And it doesn’t make a bit of difference who’s talking
  • We think and our selves become the thing we think about. It is axiomatic that if the only thing I pour into life is love, the only thing the law can give me back is love. Love is the fulfillment of the law.

I hope you will decide to read this book and apply its precepts to your life.  You’ll be—changed.

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