Alcoholics Anonymous 4th ed. by Author

This is the fourth edition of the original book (first  edition 1939) and it only differs in minor ways from edition to edition.  The stories of recovery are the main differences from edition to edition.  The second edition included the traditions of the recovery organization which takes its name from the book.  This book was instrumental in saving my life.  I have personally used it to help save the lives of a myriad of people, with a myriad of problems, and I used it in a myriad of ways.

It was made a member of a select group of books labeled as the 100 most influential of the twentieth century.  I don’t remember its ranking ; it was much higher on the list than the last—the 100th!

It is a step by step instructional approach to finding and getting into a relationship with G-d.  A G-d of your own conception.  Beyond my sincere and fervent recommendation I implore you to talk to any person recovered from addiction and ask them if they recommend it to you to read.

I am confident that their response will be a hearty yes as is mine.


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