Eternal Security Can You Be Sure, Charles Stanley, Oliver Nelson Pub., Nashville, 1990.

Chuck C. talked about salvation here on earth.  Charles Stanley talks, in this book, about spiritual salvation in Christ.  They are not so different as one might think.  both are connected together by The One. Charles speaks convincingly, I think, that salvation—efernal security— can not be lost by future acts of sin.  In brief it goes like this: If one ever reaches a point of true conviction of his/her sins and sin nature, and contritely, humbly asks G-d to forgive their sin then that person is eternally saved and will go to heaven after death. I found and still find his arguments compelling for the position he asserts so very well. Read the book and send me your thoughts on this one.  I await your considered opinion.  So read the book and be changed by seeing the problem of salvation from a different position in this battered caravanserai. Of course my snippet insert does no justice to Mr. Stanley’s one hundred ninety four page treatise.

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