Growing Each Day, Rabbi Abraham Twerski M.D., 1995

This is a daily thought prayer and meditation book written by a Rabbi who is also a psychiatrist. In this book of daily meditations—one for each day of the Jewish year— he gives thoughts from both a psychiatric and a Jewish rabbinical perspective.  It is challenging and will cause the daily reader to consider positions from both a different religious and cultural perspective.

Provocative in a good  way, well written, and easily read at a breakfast mealcontains convenient bite sized pieces of wisdom.  For instance we see the Christian sin nature talked about from a Jewish perspective as yetzer hara—evil inclination.  This makes each day an eye opener in more ways than one.

A sage once said—Oliver W. Holmes, that a mind stretched by an idea can never assume it’s original proportions.   This is a book which , if read, will stretch you, but it won’t make you thin.

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