Meditations Of Marcus Aurelius. Trans. By: George Long

Stoicism has always(?) fascinated me.  When one is bullied by sisters, neighborhood bullies, and so many others a person can become a stoic without knowing its name.  Of course stoicism is far more than just accepting bullies.  This is a good, though somewhat difficult disposition on the topic of using rational thought to guard one’s psyche from both pleasure and pain.  Thus maintaining a level equilibrium towards the external world.  It is probably a philosophy much more given to the personality of the introvert than the extrovert, though of value to both types.

This book has helped me see the world and its people from a different place in the room and forced me to think upon other philosophies such as hedonism.

You can see that one of the things I find most helpful with books is that they force me to think through other ways of living and coping with an intemperate, perhaps at times maddening world and society.  In the modern materialist world which screams for personal restraint this one is an eye opener.

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