Novice To Master by Soko Morinaga

My oldest daughter gave me this book a couple of years ago for Christmas.  She is not a Christian, she is a Wiccan.  She gave this Zen Buddhist master’s book. If you’re confused by this turn of events I am too.  But no matter the book came to me by someone’s G-d’s providence.  I’ll accept that because I’ve learned not to put G-d in a box.  He won’t stay there.

I first came across Buddhism in 1976 while in Korea.  I was intrigued by the Buddhist monk, Head of the largest monastery in Korea begging for a meal.  I struck up a conversation.  Well now this book showed up and I just had to read it.  Insights galore.  Wonderfully presented, in a pleasing and captivating way.

I’ll only relate one insight from his book .  I finally understand the full (?) meaning of the phrase “When the student is ready the teacher will appear”.  It amazes me that there is insight within insight like gazing into a pool.  First the surface, then the colored fish, next the camouflaged life, the bottom and finally the reflection of the trees.

The book is like this; and oh, by the way, the phrase is a koan.

Be sure to read this one maybe you’ll begin to see the reflection of the koan staring back at you.  (I have a smile at the last when you read the book you may understand this—gibberish(?).

Oh, and gratitude to my daughter who in her Wiccan way did my G-d’s

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