Sharing The Gift of Encouragement. Charles Stanley

Sharing The Gift of Encouragement. Charles Stanley

Understanding Eternal Security. Charles Stanley


Charles Stanley is the presiding minister of the First Baptist Church of Atlanta Georgia.  Unlike Billy Graham who is an evangelical minister, Stanley is the epitome of a “teaching preacher.” He has written a good number of teaching books on various Christian and biblical topics. The above is one of them.  A very good book.

I think it was from this book that I began to glean the spirituality of G-d’s permitting of suffering in the world.  There is a yin-yang complementarity between suffering and caring.  Without suffering there is no opportunity for charity, mercy, love, and bearing one another’s burdens.  Encouraging is one of these positive virtues.

If for no other reason you should read it.  He also wrote a missive titled Understanding Eternal Security.  This about the permanence of salvation in the believer.  I have used this in my counseling along with encouraging over and over.  Another is God’s Power Through Prayer.

I recommend earnestly to all that these be read by you.


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