The Noticer, by Andy Andrews, Thomas Nelson, 1959.

A book of one hundred sixty nine pages.  Motivational in nature  Obviously fictional, but when reading it you’ll have to check several times over the course of reading it to make sure it is fictional.  It could as well be non-fiction.  It is, in brief, a counseling book set in a Florida town concerning the changes wrought by one anomalous character sequentially in the lives of, let’s face it, failures.  Perhaps near or impending failures might be better appended to his projects for change.

The protagonist changes people by changing their perspectives on various aspects of life.  Marriage, business, ethics, morality, spirituality are all covered masterfully and seemingly simplistically.

In professional counseling we talk of changing perspectives as reframing.  When a counselor reframes he or she takes the client to another part of his/her world “room” and opens a view of the room from another perspective.  Often when the client sees it they are internally confronted by self.  This results in cognitive dissonance which the counselor/therapist helps them to resolve in a more positive, coherent and socially acceptable—successful way.

However, never doubt that this is intrinsically a spiritual transformational book without the ecclesiasticisms of an organized religion.

After reading you will never be able to look at the world, people, personal ethics, society, and helping in the same way again.  The scales of your blindness will fall away.  At the end the Noticer leaves a charter for you to fulfill in your travels.


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