The Search For Serenity, Lewis F. Presnall, 1959

I was given this book to read by a friend who thought highly of it. My opinion was a little different as you can see from my rating. I did manage to trudge through it but it never captured me intellectually or emotionally. Cold and rather difficult to follow. Can’t say I got anything much from it in a spiritual manner. I did find some things to avoid in my own thinking and writing. So sorry to the author that I can’t give it a higher rating as others have. For me it falls in to the category of “I don’t understand it so it must be deep and therefore good.” Hardly the case. I have read some middle ages literature written by mysticism embracing monks which were far more readable and engaging. This is neither. I see that Hazelden Publishing has re-published it. For my part I don’t recommend it to any beginner on the spiritual path. Even for the experienced I think it may have pitfalls. Can’t say I learned much and can’t even with assurance say what his perspective comes from. That is the school of thought he comes from; though I do have some suspicions–unconfirmed. If you have read it and it speaks to you please begin a dialogue with me at my book’s website. So sorry if I offend. To warn should cause no offense and it is not my intention in writing this. I thought seriously of just passing this one by on my shelf. But to only rate the good is a injustice to the one who is considering purchasing or reading a book.

4 thoughts on “The Search For Serenity, Lewis F. Presnall, 1959”

  1. I’ve just begun reading Presnall’s, Search for Serenity and I am riveted to the writing, the ideas, the images.

    This is why they have horse races. Not all of us are going to bet on one horse or one book.

    Good to hear your thoughts though.

  2. Old saying, “if you can’t say something nice, say nothing at all”
    Was it so important for you to undermine the serenity of others because your ego is so massive ?
    This book has help many to achieve peace of mind, but you have to spill you guts because you know better then everyone else ?

  3. I thought the critic did an excellent job of explaining why he wrote his opinion of a book that was not helpful to him. If his critics are taking offense to that; farther down the recovery road, the Big Book states ” we have ceased to fight anything or anyone. So to the offended ” ones” l say keep coming back. You will get to a place of nondefensiveness. I personally loved the book ; read it and passed it on 5 or 6 times; however I respect that man’s opinion. Have a blessed day.

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