The Sermon On The Mount, Emmet Fox, 1934, reprint 1989

The Sermon On The Mount by Emmet Fox was first published in 1939. This was an interesting time in The United States with many spiritual threads bubbling into a revival.  It also had many movements spring up of an evangelical/salvational nature.  The two I’m most familiar with were the Oxford Groups (now renamed Moral Rearmament based in Switzerland).   An outgrowth of the Oxford Groups was Alcoholics Anonymous.  This book by Emmt Fox was required reading in The Oxford Groups and also in early AA.  I read it first in my studies of these two groups.

My current copy is 184 pages and is a treatise on Matthew Chapters 5 thru 7.  It has been the bread of generations of spiritual Christians and even non-Christians who seek a spiritual path of learning, adopting and growing in a spiritual path of renewal and rebirth.

I and many others have cut their spiritual teeth in meditation and contemplation of the simple elaboration and explanation of these biblical chapters.

Other writers have written on this topic and I’ve read no others which are as clearly written and simply explained in every man language as this treatise.  The Sermon On The Mount seems to speak clearly on these topics to all men who read no matter their learning, status, religion or perspective.

I heartily recommend it to to all men both simple and wise.  You won’t regret the purchaseor the time involved in reading this book.  I t makes a good beginning on a spiritual path for anyone who is a seeker after relationship with G-d and your fellows.  A Coleridge quote says it best at the beginning of part two,

He prayeth well who loveth well

Both man and bird and beast:


He prayeth best who loveth best

All things both great and small:

For the dear God that loveth us,

He made and loveth all.

A good and engaging read, proved timeless by the wear of many publishings and changed lives.


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    1. Gil, my apologies, my data on first publication must be in error. This would have been the same year that Alcoholics Anonymous(AA) was founded. My sponsor in AA– Clarence Snyder, SD 11/10/1940 of Cleveland and Akron told me repeatedly that this was one of the books on Bob and Bill’s mandatory reading list. Others were 2. Matthew 5-7 in the Bible, 3. The Holy Bible, 4. God Calling By Two Women, and Varieties of Religious Experience. You might also try reading these, if you’ve a mind too. The book of James figured very high on this reading list also–it was Dr. Bob’s favorite book in the Bible, very frequently read, meditated upon
      and discussed with his wife Ann in their morning thought and meditation time. Thank you so much for writing to me, Sincerrely yours Author.

      1. Hello: I have not checked on your website for quite some time. Thank you for your reply. I have read the Sermon on the Mount 3 times. Even being of the Jewsih faith it is an interesting book- putting out some very good, logical(scientific ?) ways of dealing with life.

        I honestly tonigh was searching online as to where to sell my copy. At the age of 73 my wife and I are trimming down the things we own. When the time comes for us to leave this earth as we know it- we do not want to burden our children with selling off our goods. I was in the antique business for most of my life and bought and or sold many estates over the years. I have seen what can happen to the material things and families when a loved one passes and leaves lots of possesions to be dealt with.
        Once agina thank you reply your reply-
        Oh and yes I am a recovering addict/alchoholic. I cam eupon this book in the first estate I was asked to sell off in 1986. Just the way things happen sometimes in life.

        Take care

        1. Mr. Hall, I’m a writer I buy a lot of books. Much like T. Jefferson I don’t sell the ones I own so as far as selling
          i suggest you check online for resale book sellers. Perhaps Etsy or another sight that brokers sales of individuals. Another is rare book sellers often will buy books or memorabilia. There are a few places that specialize in buying and selling AA books.
          So sorry to be such a poor helper with your plight. Just a thought as I re-read your email. Folks in meetings often will purchase old AA related books you might ask in an AA group near you about this or even an AA chat room.
          Carl S.

        2. I am not Jewish but read Jewish World Review each time it is published. I, as a Christian, realize the Jesus was a Jew. And the Bible He read was our Old Testament. You guys–Jews were at this monotheism for about 1500 years longer than we Christians have been. You know He Who IS much better than we do; so I read a lot of Jewish writings. Perhaps we will meet some day Gilbert and discuss our conceptions of G-D as we understand him. BE blessed in your goings and your comings until we meet Shalom. C.S. Author

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