When Man Listens, Cecil Rose

This is an instructional book which was originally published as a pamphlet by Rose to tell a newcomer to the Oxford Groups how to form a connection to G-d and how to hear instructions from G-d to the committed and surrendered member.  Alcoholics Anonymous adopted this books methodology as its eleventh step of recovery, in brief.  This small book gives one the original edition of seeking guidance from your Creator, in total.

The methodology, which is quite simple, worked for me.  I have introduced a number of people to it and taught them the simple techniques.  From blocked—receiving nothing , to open channel—getting guidance strength and purposeful direction has been the outcome of all who will practice Mr. Rose’s method sincerely for a fortnight, nay for even a week!  It even explains how to tell if the messages one gets are from G-d or from a lower power.

An easy read and a life changing one.

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