The Ignorant Grandfather publication announcement.

To all who enter.  Welcome.  This is the official website of the author for all information and for my book.  The Ignorant Grandfather Who Has Been Kept Locked In The Closet Lo–All These Many Years.

My first book should be published about February 1st 2014.   It will be available on and,, and

This is my first post to a page.  I’ll get better.  I need tis site so I can put a teaser page in the book I’m publishing for my second book.  Have to make sure I’m not sending folks off the edge of the world in my first book.  That would be no way to start a new writing career.

Right now I’m trying to figure out how to build this page.

Sincerely, Carl Smith, author


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    1. Thank You so much a kinder sentiment was never expressed to me. Thank you from the heart. CRS–Author

    1. Brian the book is out there, order it on Amazon or Barnes& Noble online. Call me soon.
      Love thru Christ, your friend, Carl, Author

    2. Brian The book is now available on Amazon, Barnes&Noble online and Xlibris. Pick one up and call me sometime.
      With my love through the steps Carl–Author

  1. I just began this book and already I am touched by it. I particularly enjoyed “A Mother in Torture”. Not only did I learn some new facts about funerals but the ending warmed my heart as well. It truly was an experience filled with sorrow but with a beautiful ending. I feel so blessed that the “Ignorant Grandfather” chose to share his experience with his readers; I really felt as if I was there observing the scene right beside him. This man truly does have a way with words. I’m excited to read more! Good job Mr. Carlton Smith!

    1. thank you so much for your kid and generous comments. I hope you will grow as you continue reading my book. I would like to hear more concerning your keen observations as you continue to read. Hope to hear a comment concerning each story as you read it May the G-d of your understanding bless you with fulfillment of all your needs and all of my desires. With my love in the spirit Carlton R. Smith, Author.

    2. I am anxious to hear from you as you read each of the essays please comment on them to me as you read them sincerely Carlton R. Smith–Author

      1. Ashlee, Sorry to take so long. Please email me here as you read each of my essays. Please comment to me on each one. Waiting to hear from you again. Please keep coming back and check my page on recommended books to read. I’ll set it up soon with direct links to places where you can publish them. Carlton R. Smith –Author

    3. Please send me feedback as you read. It will greatly help me. I would enjoy the dialog. CRS–Author

  2. I have no disagreement with you in the least. It is my belief that the heavenly Father discloses himself to each person as a unique creation. As He does this and we share our vision of Him we all grow and have a slightly more complete vision of El Shaddai. May G-d bless you in all your walk with him. Carlton R. Smith–Author

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  17. So sorry but you’ll have to consult my website designer. I’ll forward your email to him. Hope he’ll respond to you. We can all use the work can’t we. Sincerely CRS Author

  18. Please tell me that youre going to keep this up! Its so great and so important. I cant wait to read more from you. I just really feel like you know so substantially and know how to make people listen to what youve to say. This blog is just also cool to be missed. Excellent stuff, seriously. Please, PLEASE keep it up!

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