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  1. So sorry but I’m confused? Everything in moderation my dear. Carlton R. Smith, The Ignorant Grandfather, Author

  2. Does anyone still come to this website? I used to live in Academy Park and was feeling nostalgic about the area and our neighbors. I have lived in many places but Academy Park is what I consider my home. I was Googling some of the streets that I remembered and Googled Gleep St and found some info about your book and that you had attempted to visit your family home and the mention of the silver maples–as a child I love those trees and thought they were the most beautiful things in the world! I ordered your book tonight and can’t wait to read it!

    1. Yes I do come here occasionally as my books author. I was raised in Academy Park, Portsmout, VA. I lived on Gleep Street for about twenty years. Gleep Street was one block long with about twenty two houses on it, including the two courts in the center of the road. The park degraded into slums in the late 1980″
      ‘s and was demolished in its entirety entirety in the early 2000’s Access was unavailable when last I visited the edge of the Park. Since then it has been razed to the ground and I haven’t been back since. I don’t know what is there now.

      I was bereft when I sat in my car in the church parking next to the Be-Lo store. I cried for the loss of the anchors for all my memories from my childhood and adolescence. Your message sends me into a deep sadness for the loss of such a remembered idyllic childhood.

      I wish you well with fond memories, Carlton R. Smith, author

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